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Restorative And Esthetic Dentistry

What is the definition of restorative and esthetic dentistry?

Restorative and esthetic dentistry provides the patient with a healthy and esthetic mouth and smile.

Within restorative and esthetic dental procedures, treatment of decayed teeth, discolorations (bleaching), sensitivity, diastemas, fractured teeth, teeth with abnormal shapes, tissues and forms and slight malpositions are performed.

These procedures are carried out using light-cured composites, porcelain fillings (inlay-onlay), fiber applications, bleaching methods, desensitizers, laser technology and laminate applications.

(Please contact your dentist for detailed information.)

Bleaching ( Tooth Whitening)

» What is bleaching ( tooth whitening)
» Why do teeth stain?
» Is bleaching harmful for the teeth?
» How is bleaching performed?
» How long does the bleaching procedure take and how long does it last?
» Can bleaching be performed for cases related with antibiotic treatment and fluorosis?
» Can bleaching be done for teeth with root canal treatment?

Porcelain Laminates

» What is a porcelain laminate?
» How long does the processing of laminate veneers take?
» Is tooth preparation necessary for porcelain laminate application?
» What are the advantages of porcelain laminate applications?
» For whom can porcelain laminates be applied?
» Is porcelain laminate application difficult?
» What are the factors to be taken into consideration during oral care after porcelain laminate applications?
» Can I eat every kinds of food after laminate application?
» Do porcelain laminates fall out?
» How long is the life of a laminate?
» Do laminates get yellowish? Do they show discoloration? Are they affected by smoking?
» Can porcelain laminates be repaired if they hava a small fracture?
» What should be done if the laminate has detached?

Laser Dentistry

Laser energy, like in other medical branches, is actively used in dentistry. Laser technology in dentistry provides a maximum comfort for both the patient and the dentist. Since it is possible by lasers to work without touching the teeth or gums, pain and sensitivity due to friction does not occur. Laser applications are contemporary types of treatment specifically preferred by apprehensive dental patients.

(Please contact your dentist for detailed information.)

» What are the areas of laser application in dentistry?
» What is the difference of lasers from other cutting devices? (aeretor)
» Can lasers be appied for painless removal of decay?
» Is anesthesia required during laser application?
» Are laser applications helpful in tooth sensitivity?
» Can tooth bleaching be performed by lasers?
» How are lasers used in esthetic dentistry? (Pink and white esthetics)
» Does laser application have any adverse effects?

Esthetic Fillings İn Anterior And Posterior Teeth

» What is the success rate of composites ( white fillings)?
» In which cases are composites preferred for anterior teeth?
» Tooth colored restorations in posterior teeth directly done by the dentist
» Posterior composite fillings produced by the technician (inlays, onlays, overlays)
» Posterior porcelain fillings manufactured by the technician

Treatment Of Teeth With Diastemas ( Spaces)

» Why do interdental spaces (diastemas) which disrupt smile esthetics occur ?
» How can diastemas be corrected?
» How can diastemas be corrected?

Tooth Wear And Treatment

» What are the sypmtoms of tooth wear?
» What are the reasons of tooth wear?
» Can toothwear be prevented?
» How can toothwear be treated?

Tooth Sensitivity And Treatment

» What is tooth sensitivity?
» What are the reasons of tooth sensitivity?
» How can tooth sensitivity be prevented?
» Do I need to visit a dentist if I have tooth sensitivity?
» What are applications performed by the dentist?

Restoration Of Fractured Teeth (Fracture, Dental Fractures)

» Why do teeth fracture?
» How can fracture in the anterior region be treated?
» How can fracture in the posterior region be treated?

Dental Caries And Treatment

» Why do teeth decay?
» How does dental caries (decay) occur?
» How do we understand that our teeth have decayed?
» Are all dental discolorations carious lesions?
» What are the precautions to prevent dental caries?
» How are teeth brushed?
» How is dental floss applied?
» Is interdental brushing necessary?
» Who are more prone to dental caries?
» Do carious lesions heal by themselves?
» How can carious lesions be treated?
» Is there a vaccine for decay?

Fiber Applications İn Dentistry

» What is a fiber?
» In which types of dental treatment is fiber technology used?
» Can missing teeth be treated by bridges without any tooth reduction?
» Do my mobile teeth need to be extracted?
» Do teeth need to be extracted when only roots have remained? Can a solution be found without extraction?

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