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Periodontology ( Treatment of Gingival diseases)

What is periodontology ?

Periodontology is the branch of dentistry which examines the condition of teeth and surrounding tissues in health and disease and is involved in the diagnosis, treatment and preservation of health obtained by treatment.

(Please consult your dentist for detailed information.)

» What is the appearance of healthy gingiva?
» What are the reasons for gingival diseases?
» What is the appearance of microbial dental plaque?
» What are gingival diseases, how can the symptoms be detected?
» How can gingival diseases be diagnosed?
» Can there be other reasons for gingival diseases?
» Is there a relationship between gingival and systemic diseases?
» Can drug usage result in gingival disease?
» Can smoking be considered a risk factor for gingival disease?
» Do gingival diseases show a familial transition?
» How can gingival diseases be treated?
» What is the outcome of the treatment?
» What is the duration of the treatment?
» Photographs
» Can gingival recessions be treated with operation?
» Can bone loss due to gingival disease be treated?
» Is dental calculus removal harmful for teeth?
» What happens if calculus is not removed?
» How is dental calculus cleaning performed?
» Is calculus a reason for gingival diseases?
» Is gingival bleeding during pregnancy normal?
» What is the reason for gingival bleeding?
» What happens if gingival bleeding is not treated?
» How can gingival bleeding be prevented?
» Is our country behind developed countries in terms of oral health care?
» Do we give necessary importance to toothbrushes? Can all family members use the same brush?
» Can gingival diseases, dental caries and sensitivity be prevented with regular brushing?
» Do we risk our general health if we neglect satisfactory oral care?
» What is tooth sensitivity? In whom can it be detected?
» What are treatment approaches in individuals with dental hypersensitivity?
» What should individuals with hypersensitivity do?
» What should individuals with dental hypersensitivity refrain?
» What can we do to improve dental and gingival health?

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