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Pediatric dentistry( Pedodontics)

What is pediatric dentistry ( pedodontics)?

  • Pedodontics is the branch of dentistry that evaluates and solves problems during the period starting with tooth eruption until the completion of permanent dentition in children and adolescents. Children between ages 0 and 15 are included in the area of practice of pedodontics.

  • The speciality branch includes a wide variety of treatment procedures including the follow-up and prevention of eruption problems, caries prevention in primary and permanent teeth, treatment of carious lesions in primary and permanent teeth, prevention of further problems in the dental arch due to early extractions by special appliances and even application of child dentures for edentulous children.

(Please consult your dentist for further information.)

» Which age range of children is treated within the content of pedodontics?bireyleri tedavi eder?
» When do teeth erupt?
» What is the caries incidence and reasons in children?
» What are the reasons of caries in early ages?
» What is a baby-bottle caries?
» Is dental caries contagious from mother to child?
» What are the measures that can be taken for the prevention of caries in children?
» What is the “fissure sealant application” performed with the purpose of preventing dental caries?
» What is the fluoride gel application that is performed for caries protection and how often is it performed?
» Is there an age limit during protective applications?
» When should children start using fluoride containing toothpastes?
» Do local anesthetics administered for the treatment of carious teeth in children exert any harmful effect on the subsequent permanent teeth?
» What kind of health problems may occur in case dental caries is not treated?
» Should the space of the extracted primary tooth be preserved?
» In which cases and how are dentate dentures applied in children?

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