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Maxillofacial Surgery-Implantology

What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery is a branch of dentistry where all disorders concerning the soft tissues (cheeks, palate, tongue, lips) and hard tissues (teeth, bones) of the oral cavity are diagnosed and treated by surgeries which are performed under local/generel anesthesia or sedation in surgery rooms.

(Please consult your dentist for detailed information.)

» What are wisdom teeth?
» Do all wisdom teeth need to be removed?
» Do all impacted wisdom teeth need to be removed?
» Do all wisdom teeth cause crowding of front teeth?
» Do all impacted teeth need to be extracted?
» Do all teeth that cause a cystic formation need to be removed?
» What about the post-care following a dental extraction?
» What should alarm following after a tooth extraction?
» I lost all my teeth but I don’t want to use removable dentures. What are my other options?
» What is a dental implant?
» Can everyone have dental implants?
» Dental implant care
» Could my body reject dental implants?
» Are all swollen or discolored areas inside the mouth or cheeks, on the tongue, palate or the floor of the mouth a sign of a dangerous disease?
» One of my upper molars was extracted, the extraction site does not seem to be healing and liquids are coming back from my nose when I drink. What should I do?
» Is it always necessary to undergo a surgical procedure in order to prepare the mouth before placing a dental prosthesis?
» What is the first thing to do in case of injury to the mouth, jaws or face?
» What is the most common mistake in treating a tooth abscess?
» Am I going to feel pain during or after the extraction of my impacted wisdom tooth?
» I am too scared to see a dentist and get dental treatment. What can I do about it?
» How are oral surgical procedures performed?
» What are general anesthesia and sedation?

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