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  • » Çene Eklemi Rahatsızlığı

    Pain at the front of the ear, joints, face and neck muscles and temples are symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder.

  • » Zirkonya Porselen

    Zirconia porcelains are natural looking porcelains with additional transparency due to special glass infiltration.

  • » Beyazlatma Tedavisi

    Bleaching treatment is started with a 30-45 minute appointment when laser and light sources are used and carried on with self-activating products at home or at the hospital environment.

  • » İmplant

    You have no natural teeth in your mouth, yet you don't wish to use removable dentures. You can use fixed or partially fixed prosthesis by implants placed in your jawbones.

  • » Ortodonti Hastalarına Duyuru

    In our renovated clinics with increased number of dental chairs, patient admission is made without awaiting, including SGK referrals. Phone: 0 216 363 60 44 / 6255

  • » Kanal tedavisi

    During root canal treatment, bacteria and toxic products are eliminated from regions inside the tooth where the body's defense mechanism is not effective.

  • » Yeditepe University Dental Hospital Patient Admission

    Yeditepe University Dental Hospital has started patient admission on weekdays 09.00-18.00 and on saturdays 10.00-14.00. Wishing you good health and happiness. 0216 363 60 44 half of Yeditepe University remains vested in us, and we assert all of our moral and intellectual property rights.

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